Long Winded Rant Time

Ok, so this may sound weird but I am not a fan of this idea of women in math and science.

Let me clarify. It’s not that I don’t think woman should pursue careers in these fields. I personally think woman should do whatever they want regardless of what anyone says. In fact I’m a girl and I’m majoring in Computer Science. But the thing that bothers me is when people make a huge deal about women being in these fields. I have recently been looking for an internship, and two people that I spoke to said things that shocked me. The one person I talked to said she was surprised that I was in Computer Science, and that I “didn’t look like a computer person”. This really confused and kind of annoyed me. What does it even mean to look like a computer person? What does my appearance have to do with  my major? The other person asked me why I wanted to go into Computer Science, which is a reasonable question, but then followed that question with why I thought a lot of woman don’t go into this area. How am I supposed to answer that without a smart ass response? I don’t know why woman don’t want to go into this field, because I am not every woman. Just because I want to study computers doesn’t mean every woman on the planet wants to. Some woman want to be teachers, others want to write, and even others my want to become doctors. The fact that I would rather sit in a room and program all day has no effect on what those other woman want to do. Also some woman may find the amount of work intimidating  But that could apply to both genders. I had a guy friend who was brilliant with computers, but he wanted to be a History teacher instead, because he didn’t want to do all the work that a computer degree would require. The thing that really surprised me, however, was that the two people that I am talking about were both women while the men that I talked to mentioned nothing about my gender.

I feel that women nowadays are pressured into pursuing careers in math and sciences simply because they were unable to in the past. But this is a bit pointless if those woman do not want to go into the fields. I just do not see why woman in math and science are glorified, while the other woman are looked down on. Why can’t people choose their careers based  on what they want and not what people say they should do, and why does it matter what gender the person in the position is? I would rather be respected because I am good at my job and not because I am a woman in computer science and that is considered rare.

  • 18 February 2013